Take the privilledge of live darshan of shree Siddhivinayak (Lord Ganesh who is Bestower of Success), Straight from Shree Siddhivinayak Devasthan Mahemdavad.

Shree Siddhivinayak Deavsthan Mahemdavad Live Darshan Time 6:30 A.M. To 07.15 P.M. (IST)

Lord Ganesha is the chief deity of this powerful Pooja. He is considered the ‘God of Luck’ and he blesses his devotees with smooth success in all their endeavors! Shri Ganesha is remembered by all his devotees at every moment of their lives. Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles in your life. Shri Ganesha is the symbol of auspiciousness, a miraculous combination of an elephant and a human, with four hands to bless his devotees but Siddhivinayak (A form of Lord Ganesha has a prime importance).