This Sri Siddhivianayak devasthan is one of its kinds in complete of the India as it is the biggest temple in structure and with an inbuilt lift facility.

With the blessing and prayers of great saints the Bhumi Poojan was conducted on the eve of Samwanth 2067 Fagun Sudh 4 dated 09-03-2011 Wednesday in presence of the Purohit pariwar. The temple is expected to be raised with a huge investment of approx Rs.14 crore.

The Devasthan campus will have many amenities like Herbal Park, Small other Temples, Nivas Sthal for devotes and bhojanalay. The temple will also have a akhand jyoti for Lord Ganesha.

The development of the complete project is headed personally by Mr. Narendra Bhai Purohit and the estimated time for completion is approximately 1 year.


Lord Ganesha is the chief deity of this powerful Pooja. He is considered the ‘God of Luck’ and he blesses his devotees with smooth success in all their endeavors! Shri Ganesha is remembered by all his devotees at every moment of their lives. Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles in your life. Shri Ganesha is the symbol of auspiciousness, a miraculous combination of an elephant and a human, with four hands to bless his devotees but Siddhivinayak (A form of Lord Ganesha has a prime importance).

Influenced by the immense devotion of his mother Daibaji to Lord Ganesha ,Mr. Narendra Bhai Purohit, CEO and Managing Director of Purohit Construction, took an initiative to come up with a splendid devasthan for Lord Ganesha near Ahmedbad city.

After a prolonged effort and with under the guidance of Mahatmas and saints it was visualized that the temple should be located near a river and easily accessible to the devotees of Lord Ganesha. Based on this the search was initiated and then the best location was located at the bank of river Vatrak near Ahmedbad- Mehemdabad State Highway. The land of 22 Bigha was acquired by Narendra Bhai for this noble cause and very soon with the blessing of Late Daibaji the work was initiated.

The idol of Lord Ganesha was decided to be of 83 ft, which had a reason behind it. The visionary for this temple Late Daibaji passed off at the age of 83 with this vision.

Future Developments

1. Prashant Ghar – Shri Siddhivinayak Devasthan being the biggest Ganesha temple in the entire country has thousands of followers who visit the campus everyday. In order to cater to the devotional demands of such a huge number of followers , we plan to establish a huge Prashadghar within the campus premises that would have the capacity to produce approx 500 kg of prashad everyday.

2. Dharam Shala – there are plans to develop rooms within the campus looking into the demands and requests by senior citizens and other people who like to visit the temple and want to spend time there and stay within the premises .
These well furnished and highly equipped rooms would give the people a chance to stay in the temple campus and experience intense devotion through worships and poojas.

3. Spiritual forest– We plan to develop an entire area within the premises as a spiritual forest wherein religious and ancient trees and shrubs that have a historic and religious significance will be planted and grown with utmost care.
This beautifully developed landscape would be a great attraction for visitors and devotees both to spend some quality time amidst nature and experience divinity.

The Vision

A temple is what you want it to be. For the devotee it is the place where god lives. For the connoisseur of art, the sculpture and paintings make a temple a living museum. For a dancer the figures carved on the walls are the foundation of her art.

For a musician or a poet the deity is both inspiration and the final audience. You don’t have to enter a temple to pray. You can go there to appreciate the many aspects of India’s rich and iridescent culture.

Sri Siddhivinayak has a vision of serving the community with a true devotion.

The community wants to make the temple a hub of Indian culture and tradition.

Devotes who are unable to visit the Shree Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai can come to Sri Siddhivinayak Devasthan, Memdabad to offer their prayers to Lord Siddhivianayak.

The Mission

Vyasanmukti –

Shri Siddhivinyaka Devasthan associates itself with various forms of Corporate Social Responsibility, be it providing employment to handicapped people or organising free medical camps or providing free medicines to the patients.Helping people to get rid of various harmful and life threatening addictions like smoking, drinking, tobacco etc is another initiative undertaken by the temple. Herein , we help people take a religious oath to let go of all their addictions and start a new and healthy life .Through these two years of establishment , we have addressed school students explaining them the ill effects of different forms of addictions and helping them take oath and pledge in front of learned gurus to never indulge in addictions of any form .

Women Empowerment

Another major initiative taken by the temple is explaining people the value of having a girl child and how the girl hold should not be avoided .We provide employment to women and help society understand that women are the most important pillar of society and they should be given utmost respect and dignity.

Siddhivinayak Mumbai Jyot

The holy flame that is lit inside the main temple alongside the idol has been brought from the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai. It was with great pomp and show and with full religious sanctity that the flame was brought from Mumbai. There was a huge Nagar Yatra that was organised and a huge procession was taken out in the entire city of Ahmedabad and Memdabad wherein people got a chance to worship the holy flame.

Meet Our Team

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